Web savvy

June 29, 2008

At the beginning of this week we received our magazine from the printers – a week early! We were really excited because it was both my and my editors first publication since we started working at FONZ a month ago.  It was really gratifying to be able to hold the final product of all our hard work.

Giant anteaters

I spent almost an entire day hand-delivering copies of ZooGoer  to the different offices and departments and mailing copies to the writers and other contributors.  Everyone seemed eager to see the changes that we’d made in the new issue.

Since the magazine was printed and on its way to the members, we needed to spend the rest of the week putting the new issue on the internet. I got to practice all of my dreamweaver and coding skills and I was able to work with the web editor to make sure that everything was input correctly. I really enjoyed this work because it was up to my discretion to decide which pictures to use and where to place them in the body of the text. It was so satisfying to see my small amount of HTML knowledge come in handy and turn out nice, clean web pages. I liked being able to spend time tweaking all of the pages to make sure they were exactly right and just how I wanted them.

I was also able to work on the updates for the Reptile Discovery Center web pages. I had to look up information about all of the species that are on display so that visitors to the website will be able to learn about the animals.

Sea lions, Summer and Calli

Of course, I also spent some time exploring the Zoo and visiting other animals. I have added another animal to my list of favorites. I had never seen a Giant anteater in person before this week and they are so interesting-looking. Their snouts are two feet long and they have huge, bristly tails that look like fans or brooms. The anteaters have definitely been added to my must-see list for the Zoo.

The other animal highlight of my week was going to visit the sea lions. The Zoo has two female sea lions and they are really playful. I spent one of my lunch breaks watching them swim and lounge in the sun and play with each other.


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