Six internships for every student

June 3, 2008

When I decided to come to American for grad school a big part of the decision was the location – Washington, D.C. – and the availability of internships because of that location. I was told that there was roughly six possible internships available for each student at AU – how could I pass that up?

Even knowing the number of opportunities in D.C. I never imagined I would end up at the National Zoo.

I started looking for internships at the beginning of my second semester – around January or February. I knew that most of the major publications like the Washington Post and USA Today had super early deadlines -October or November – but I hadnt really planned on working at those publications anyway. Still, I was nervous that I would be too late to find anything worthwhile.

I started my search by going to the Web sites of publications that I thought I might like to work for and searching for their internship opportunities. Then I searched the Career Center’s internship listings on CareerWeb. I also looked on job search sites like

The most well-known publications like Atlantic Monthly and Newsweek didnt list their internships on CareerWeb or, but that didnt stop me from sending applications. I found two good possibilities on the CareerWeb listing – Northern Virginia Magazine and ZooGoer. I also found several decent, less-popular possibilities – smaller, regional newspapers and trade publications on I discovered from the job-listing sites that there were opportunities outside of the obvious major magazines and newspapers.

In all, I think I sent out at least 20 applications for internships in the D.C./Baltimore area.

I was called for a couple of interviews, but ultimately I decided to take the internship at ZooGoer. It actually wasn’t a hard decision at all – it was a chance to work on a magazine with a small staff (which hopefully translates into lots of opportunity for me to take on responsibilities such as writing or researching) and be at the zoo every day, hopefully visiting the animals on a regular basis. It was the perfect combination for me and my interests.


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